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AMD RYZEN 5 7600 AM5 Processor 6-Core 12-Thread (Max Boost 5.1 GHz)

AMD RYZEN 5 7600 AM5 Processor 6-Core 12-Thread (Max Boost 5.1 GHz)
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AMD RYZEN 5 7600 AM5 Processor 6-Core 12-Thread (Max Boost 5.1 GHz)
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The AMD RYZEN 5 7600 processor is one of the CPUs from the distinctive Ryzen 7000 series, which boasts the revolutionary Zen 4 architecture that is best for gaming. The Zen 4 architecture features TSMC's 5nm FinFET manufacturing process, with up to a 13% increase in IPC performance compared to previous generation, providing overall performance improvements of up to 49%. Additionally, there's an extra up to 16% increase in average frequencies, resulting in a total improvement of 29% in single-threaded performance and up to 45% improvement in multi-threaded workloads compared to the previous generation. Furthermore, the L3 cache memory has also been increased, and the new generation comes with support for the AM5 socket, bringing support for modern technologies such as PCIe 5.0 interface, DDR5 RAM, and expansion solutions like never before.

AMD RYZEN 5 7600 Processor design:

AMD RYZEN 7000 series features:

  • Better performance levels than previous generations with a 13% increase in IPC, and overall performance improvements of up to 49%.
  • Doubled L3 Cache memory for better gaming performance.
  • Support for the new AM5 socket and its associated technologies.
  • Support for PCIe 5.0 interface.
  • Support for fifth-generation DDR5 memory.
  • Higher frequencies than previous generations, reaching up to 5.7GHz in boost scenarios.
  • Precision Boost 2 technology support for intelligent processor speed boosting.
  • Higher power efficiency, with processor support up to 170 watts.
  • Support for AVX, AVX2, and AVX-512 instructions.
  • Support for AMD EXPO files for RAM overclocking.

AMD RYZEN 5 7600 Processor design:

The AMD RYZEN 5 7600 processor is one of the best mid-range processors for gaming in terms of performance-to-price ratio in the Ryzen 7000 series. This processor is the best choice for those seeking the highest performance levels in gaming currently without paying much. The processor comes with 6 cores and 12 threads, with a base frequency of 3.8GHz and a boost frequency of 5.1GHz, along with 32MB of L3 Cache memory, and overclocking support, allowing for higher levels of performance with games and professional software compared to other cpus in the same category. The processor also comes with support for AM5 platform features and X670 chipset, such as DDR5 RAM and PCIe 5.0 interface, allowing for the installation of high-end graphics cards/SSDs without any issues. Moreover, the cpu comes with integrated graphics cores from the RDNA 2 architecture provide you with the ability to work without an external graphics card. And to provide more value, the cpu comes with AMD Wraith Stealth free cooler.

AMD RYZEN 5 7600 processor

AMD RYZEN 5 7600 Processor features:

  • One of the top gaming processors in the Ryzen 7000 series.
  • Overclocking capability for more performance.
  • Base frequency of 3.8GHz, with a boost frequency of up to 5.1GHz.
  • L3 Cache memory up to 32MB.
  • Distinctive power consumption at 65 watts TDP.
  • Two RDNA 2 graphics cores, with a frequency of 2200 for handling without the need for an external graphics card.
  • 6 cores with 12 threads for processing, providing ideal performance levels with competitively priced gaming.
  • Ability to install a discrete graphics card in the future thanks to PCIe 5.0 interface support.
  • Processor supports DDR5 RAM installation with frequencies up to 5200MT/s, and support for Error Correction Code (ECC) technology.
  • Support for X670 chipset with all its features.
  • Comes with the free AMD Wraith Stealth cooler.
Brand AMD
Model AMD Ryzen™ 5 7600
Warranty Years 3 Years
Product URL
Release Date Q1,2023
CPU Series Ryzen 5
CPU Gen 7000 Series
Socket Type AM5
Core Name Zen 4
Number Of Cores 6-Core
Number Of Threads 12-threads
Operating Frequency 3.8 GHz
Max Turbo Frequency 5.1 GHz
Total L2 Cache 6 MB
Total L3 Cache 32 MB
64-Bit Support Yes
RAM Support DDR5
Max RAM Size 128GB
Integrated Graphics AMD Radeon Graphics
PCI Express Revision PCI Express 5.0
Max Number of PCI Express Lanes 28
CPU Power Consumption 65W