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Dragon Gaming Mouse Pad 30 x 80cm

Dragon Gaming Mouse Pad 30 x 80cm
Dragon Gaming Mouse Pad 30 x 80cm
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With Dragon Gaming Mouse Pad 30 x 80cm, you will have a more than wonderful mouse pad that will help you move and control the mouse smoothly and with great efficiency, giving you an advantage while playing your favorite games. The Dragon Gaming Mouse Pad is your best choice while playing shooting games where the second decides who wins the fight. Moreover, the mouse pad is made of high-quality materials that can resist liquids and allow you to use the mouse like a pro with ease.

Dragon Gaming Mouse Pad Features:

  1. Simple design with an anti-slip base.
  2. Large size allowing you to place the mouse and keyboard together on the pad.
  3. Made of highly elastic natural rubber materials
  4. Double-layered nylon edges for multi-layered protection.
  5. Sweat and waterproof surface for easy and simple cleaning.
Brand Generic
Model Dragon
Mouse Pad
Type Mousepad
Size 30 x 80 cm
Thickness 3 mm
LED Type None